Power - Power Supplies

600W Retail Series

600W Retail Series 120mm SATAx4

EAN. 8436532160875    Ref. BM600W

The 600W Retail Series offers maximum power for more specific uses with a greater need for energy.The design of the source is distinguished for its black body with red highlights and a white 12cm fan.

500W Retail Series

500W Retail Series 120mm

EAN. 8436532160066    Ref. BM500W

The Retail Series have an aesthetically pleasing look for those who require attractive details in all their computer components.The model has 500W SATA ports, a white 12cm fan and a 400 mm cable allowing installation on the lower part of the chassis.

300W Retail Series

300W Retail Series TFX, 80mm

EAN. 8436532161056    Ref. BM300TFX

The 300W Retail Series is the perfect choice for micro ATX computers. It provides stable power, safely and efficiently without wasting energy.

600W Bulk Series

600W Bulk Series 120mm 1x PCIE 6p.

EAN. 8436532161155    Ref. BM600WB

The high-end Bulk Series includes a 12cm fan, PCIE 6-pin, 400mm cables and Serial ATA and IDE connectors, a great value for money that offers performance, stability and efficiency.

500W Bulk Series

500W Bulk Series 120mm

EAN. 8436532161063    Ref. BM500WB

The 500W Bulk Series PSU offers great value for money thanks to its 12cm fans, SATA connectors and also the ability to install the PSU on the bottom of the chassis.Offering so much for so little is not that hard.

400W Bulk Series

400W Bulk Series Micro ATX

EAN. 8436532160301    Ref. BM400WMB

Bulk Series meets the needs of low-profile teams that do not need high power to operate. Providing a PSU with great value; 400W, SATA connectors and a 80mm fan.